76 BCD (SRAM XX1) Oval

Compatible with all 9,10,11-speed chains, 12-speed SRAM Eagle, KMC chains.
Not compatible with Shimano 12-speed chains

  • Model
  • Chainring shape
  • Screw Size
  • Offset, mm
  • Made from
  • Surface coating
  • Made with
  • Ovality
  • Timing
  • Compatible cranksets
  • Weight, grams
  • Chainline, mm
  • Chain compatibility

    Standard - Compatible with 9,10,11-speed chains and 12-speed SRAM Eagle/KMC chains

    12-speed - Compatible with 9-11 speed chains as well as 12-speed chains, including Shimano 12-speed

  • Color

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  • Special tooth shape guarantees a tighter contact with chain and softer pedaling (in comparison with regular chainrings)

  • Chamfered edges and wide mud gap keeps the ring from getting muddy

  • Increased tooth height improves chain retention while the bike is shivering and jolting

  • Overall bicycle weight reduction in the range of 150-400 grams (with no front derailleur and chainguide)

  • Manufactured using highly durable aluminum alloy

  • Variable teeth thickness prevents chain dropping

                                                    OVAL CHAINRING ADVANTAGES

                                                    • Even at-the-wheel distribution of pedaling torque

                                                    • Improved responsiveness and pedaling smoothness, narrower dead spots and increased span of your gluteus and hamstrings

                                                    • Easier uphill riding, especially on soft and slippery terrains

                                                    • Increased pedaling efficiency

                                                    Clarico-Full Image
                                                    Clarico-Full Image

                                                    Specifications for 76 BCD (SRAM XX1) Oval

                                                    Model 28T, Offset 2.6mm or 30T, Offset 2.6mm or 32T, Offset 1.3mm or 34T, Offset 0.5mm or 36T or 38T, Offset -0.1mm
                                                    Chainring shape Oval
                                                    Screw Size M8.5 x 0.75
                                                    Offset, mm 2.6 (28T-30T), 1.3 (32T), 0.7 (34T), 0 (36T), -0.1 (38T)
                                                    Made from 7075-T651 Aluminum Alloy
                                                    Surface coating Anodizing
                                                    Made with CNC milling
                                                    Ovality 12%
                                                    Timing 108° after TDC (top dead center)
                                                    Compatible cranksets SRAM XX1 (76 BCD 4-bolt)
                                                    Weight, grams 39 (28T), 36 (30T), 43 (32T), 52 (34T), 64 (36T), 65 (38T)
                                                    Chainline, mm 46.7 (26-28T), 48 (30T), 48.6 (32T), 48.6 (34T), 49 (36T), 49.2 (38T)
                                                    Chain compatibility Standard
                                                    Color Black or Blue or Gold or Green or Orange or Red or Silver or Violet