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Dear Garbaruk customers,

As you all may know, there are big availability problems with bike parts these days. Most major parts manufacturers are completely out of stock. We have seen the demand growing, but it made a huge jump recently.
While we’re very happy about the big increase in sales, our production just can’t keep up, unfortunately. The amount of orders is absolutely huge, and we aren’t able to do anything about it quickly. Cassettes are impacted the most by this, as their production is complicated and very limited.

Please find the availability information by product category below. We’ll try to update this, so the information stays correct.

Estimated shipping time for new orders:
• Chainrings —15-30 days
• Cassettes — 55-65 days
• Accessories (derailleur cages, pulleys, and other small accessories) — 14-30 days

Please keep this information in mind before making new orders

We’ll update this information as soon as we increase our production capacity.

Thank you all for staying with us,
Garbaruk team