Cannondale Hollowgram Round

  • Model
  • Color
  • Made from
  • Surface coating
  • Made with
  • Chainring shape
  • Compatible cranksets
  • Weight, grams
  • Chainline, mm
  • Offset, mm
  • Chain compatibility

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  • Special tooth shape guarantees a tighter contact with chain and softer pedaling (in comparison with regular chainrings)

  • Chamfered edges and wide mud gap keeps the ring from getting muddy

  • Increased tooth height improves chain retention while the bike is shivering and jolting

  • Overall bicycle weight reduction in the range of 150-400 grams (with no front derailleur and chainguide)

  • Manufactured using highly durable aluminum alloy

  • Variable teeth thickness prevents chain dropping


  • You get a wide range of chainring sizes to choose from, starting from 26T

  • You can reach an optimal drivetrain chainline value with variable chainline technology (VCLT)

  • You save bike weight by not using crankset spider and you can opt for the chainring with an appropriate specs for your drivetrain


    Specifications for Cannondale Hollowgram Round

    Model 26T, Offset 7.2mm or 28T, Offset 7.2mm or 30T, Offset 6.3mm or 32T, Offset 5.8mm or 34T, Offset 4mm or 36T, Offset 3.4mm or 38T or 40T
    Color Black or Silver or Blue or Gold or Green or Orange or Red or Violet
    Made from 7075-T651 Aluminum Alloy
    Surface coating Anodizing
    Made with CNC milling
    Chainring shape Round
    Compatible cranksets Cannondale Hollowgram Si/Si 2016, SiSl2
    Weight, grams 40 (26T), 46 (28T), 50 (30T), 59 (32T), 65 (34T), 71 (36T), 78 (38T), 83 (40T)
    Chainline, mm 46.5 (26-28T), 47.4 (30T), 47.9 (32T), 49.7 (34T), 50.3 (36T)
    Offset, mm 7.2 (26-28T), 6.3 (30T), 5.8 (32T), 4 (34T), 3.4 (36T)
    Chain compatibility 10/11/12-speed chains : including Shimano HG+ and SRAM AXS flattop chains