Follow the steps below to install Garbaruk RD cage on SRAM 10-speed rear mech

In order to install Garbaruk RD cage seamlessly, you will need the following tools:

  • 3mm Allen key

  • 2.5mm Allen key

  • heat gun (required for removing standard Carbon cage, if your rear mech comes with one)

Use heat gun if you're removing the SRAM carbon cage

Please take into account the difference between different cage models for regular SRAM rear mechs and SRAM derailleurs with carbon cage

Place the plastic cap according to the scheme below

Insert the outer end of derailleur clutch spring into the appropriate hole on the plastic cap and compress the spring (displayed on the second picture below)

Tighten the bolt fixing the main cage in place by 2-3 turns

By rotating the cage with fixing bolt in place in counter-clockwise direction, you will tighten the derailleur clutch spring and secure the cage in place

Tighten the fixing bolt to 8 Nm torque (recommended maximum torque value)