Rear Derailleur Cage for SRAM 10-speed

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Enhance the capacity of your SRAM 10-speed rear derailleur up to 45T

With Garbaruk RD cage for 10-speed SRAM rear derailleurs, you can squeeze much more performance out of your standard 10-speed rear mech thanks to the more efficiently positioned rear derailleur cage 

By re-positioning the upper derailleur pulley closer to the small cassette cog and further away from the largest cog, we have been able to allow rear derailleurs designed to be used with 11-36T cassettes to be capable of running smoothly with 11-45T cassette. This enhances the range of climbs you can go up and provides the most efficiency out of 10-speed 1x drivetrain setups

Compatibility note

If you are using 10-speed rear derailleur and want to pair it with Garbaruk 10-speed cassette, please note that such setup will only work with one chainring in the front (1x). Since standard Shimano and SRAM rear derailleurs don't have enough capacity for wide-range cassettes, such as 11-42T or 11-45T, they cannot be used in 2x drivetrains.

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Our RD cage for 10-speed rear derailleurs can be installed on any of SRAM's 10-speed Type2/2.1/3 rear derailleurs (only models with friction clutch), no matter which  cage your rear mech comes equipped with.

If your rear mech has short/long cage as standard, you should opt for our "Double" (two-component) cage variant, which replaces both of two cage parts most derailleurs come with. This is due to the fact that for our RD cage (front one) the upper pulley mounting hole is positioned differently, compared to the standard rear derailleur cage, which is why the second (back) part of the standard cage won't work.

If, on the other hand, your rear mech is equipped with medium cage, you should opt for our "Single" (one-component) cage variant, which will replace only the front part of standard cage, and the standard back one may be left untouched (unless, of course, you want to color match the two cage sides - in this case you should definitely confiture the "Double" variant)

This cage replacement will also work well for those who had the standard cage broken, in which case our RD cage will not only save the life of your otherwise perfectly working derailleur, but will also provide the enhanced capacity for your 10-speed drivetrain as a bonus. Such customers may be interested in purchasing our lightweight wide-range 10-speed cassette as well. You will save more than 50% on the cage when buying as a cassette+cage set.

Just to give you a better understanding of which cage model you should choose, we've made a simple scheme demonstrating how the standard cage should be replaced, which is placed below.

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To view the installation manual for our RD cage, hit the "MANUAL" button on the right


Specifications for Rear Derailleur Cage for SRAM 10-speed

Color Black or Blue or Gold or Green or Orange or Red or Silver or Violet
Made from 7075-T651 Aluminum Alloy
Surface coating Anodizing
Made with CNC milling
Cage type Single or Double
SRAM 10-speed cage compatibility For SRAM X7, X9, GX or For SRAM X0 (only with carbon cage)
Weight, grams 20 (Single), 34 (Double)
Compatible rear derailleurs SRAM 10-speed: X7, X9, GX, X0, X01