Rear Derailleur Cage + Pulleys Kit for Shimano 11-speed

IMPORTANT: Bolts for pulleys are not included.

  • Cage model
  • Cage color
  • Derailleur pulleys
  • Pulleys type
  • Pulleys color
  • Made from
  • Surface coating
  • Made with
  • Compatible rear derailleurs

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Up to 455% cassette range, comparable to 12-speed drivetrains, using 11-speed rear derailleur 

With Garbaruk RD cage for 11-speed Shimano rear derailleurs, you can squeeze much more performance out of your standard 11-speed rear mech thanks to the more efficiently positioned rear derailleur cage. You can now use cassettes up to 50T, which provides 11-speed 1x drivetrain range close to that of 12-speed ones. All you need is to replace the RD cage of your standard Shimano rear derailleur with Garbaruk RD cage

Coupled with Garbaruk oversized derailleur pulleys, you get more drivetrain range, smooth shifting and more precise operation of your bike transmission. Various colour options, hardly available anywhere else on the market will make your bike even more unique

In case you want to upgrade your 11-speed drivetrain to get the level of performance of 12-speed ones without buying new derailleur/shifter, or if you happen to have your standard cage broken, our RD cage will imbue a new life in your old bike transmission (purchase the cage together with our 11-speed cassette to gain significant discount off of cage price)

By re-positioning the upper derailleur pulley closer to the small cassette cog and further away from the largest cog, we have been able to allow rear derailleurs designed to be used with 11-46T cassettes to be capable of running smoothly with 11-50T cassette. This enhances the range of climbs you can go up and provides a lot more efficiency out of 11-speed 1x drivetrain setups


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Our RD cage for 11-speed Shimano rear derailleurs is compatible with complete range of Shimano's 11-speed Shadow+ MTB rear derailleurs, starting from Deore (M6000, 10-speed model), SLX (M7000), XT (M8000), XT Di2 (M8050), XTR (M9000). This cage model is incompatible with XTR M9050 (Di2) rear derailleur

We've united extreme rigidity (cage is CNC-machined our of one piece of 7075-series aluminum alloy), feather-like weight (47 grams) and eight exciting color options, such as red, orange, violet, silver, gold, black, blue and green. Configure your favourite combo right now if you haven't already

For correct installation and cage usage, please refer to the information presented below: after the cage is installed, remember to setup the position of the cage correctly in order to ensure the optimal drivetrain performance

Clarico-Full Image
Clarico-Full Image

To view the installation manual for our RD cage, hit the "MANUAL" button on the right


Specifications for Rear Derailleur Cage + Pulleys Kit for Shimano 11-speed

Cage model Shimano 11-speed RD cage
Cage color Black or Silver or Blue or Gold or Green or Orange or Red or Violet
Derailleur pulleys 11+16T
Pulleys type Standard
Pulleys color Black or Silver or Blue or Gold or Green or Orange or Red or Violet
Made from 7075-T651 Aluminum Alloy
Surface coating Anodizing
Made with CNC milling
Compatible rear derailleurs Shimano 11-speed: RD-M7000-11 (SLX), RD-M8000 (XT), RD-M9000 (XTR) (not compatible with XT/XTR Di2)