Rear Derailleur Pulleys for SRAM (ceramic bearings)

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Garbaruk Rear Derailleur Pulleys with Ceramic Bearings - smoother shifting and unique looks for your bike which it really deserves  



Garbaruk Pulleys with ceramic bearings represent the high solution for all riders who want to get the most out and who are concerned about every saved watt. Ceramic bearings have to compensate for a lot of friction. Depending on the gear ratio, Pulleys turn very fast and therefore quality ceramic bearings are very important. Ceramic bearing have an incredibly smooth surface, thereby reducing rolling resistance to a minimum

Pulleys with ceramic bearings have a further longer life cycle and even lower rolling resistance

As always, Garbaruk allow for the maximally detailed configuration of your drivetrain components, like no other company does. With Garbaruk oversized rear derailleur pulleys you will be able to achieve the performance and unique bike looks in the best way possible

CNC-machined out of a single 7075-series aluminum bar and color anodized, Garbaruk derailleur pulleys provide extremely lightweight and efficient way to enhance the performance as well as looks of your bike

Our derailleur pulleys for SRAM are available in various set options, starting from 12T+14T (upper+lower pulley respectively), for SRAM 11/12-speed rear derailleurs with standard derailleur cage. You can upgrade your standard 11/12-speed SRAM rear mech with our 12T+16T set coupled with Garbaruk RD cage for 11/12-speed SRAM derailleurs for improved shifting quality 

Go for our unique cage+pulleys combo if you're looking for a way to make your bike drivetrain stand out like nobody else's does

You can even go further, and convert your standard Shimano 11-speed drivetrain by coupling Garbaruk 11-speed cassette for SRAM XD with RD cage+pulley set for Shimano and get up to 500% drivetrain range, comparable with 12-speed drivetrain, configuring each components' color and choosing from various model options. This way you will be able to squeeze as much as possible out of your 11-speed drivetrain and freshen your bike with unique and high-performance components


Specifications for Rear Derailleur Pulleys for SRAM (ceramic bearings)

Model Set - 12T + 14T ceramic bearings (for 11/12 sp. with standard cage) or Set - 12T + 16T ceramic bearings (for 11/12 sp. with GARBARUK cage)
Color Black or Silver or Blue or Gold or Green or Orange or Red or Violet
Made from 7075-T651 Aluminum Alloy
Surface coating Anodizing
Made with CNC milling
Weight, grams 19 (Set - 12T + 14T), 21 (Set - 12T + 16T)
Compatible rear derailleurs (12+14T): 11-speed XX1, X01, GX, NX. 12-speed: XX1 Eagle, X01 Eagle, GX Eagle, NX Eagle. (12+16T): All SRAM derailleurs equipped with our SRAM cages